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Microsoft support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 & 10 ends on January 12th

Internet Explorer

Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer 8,9 and 10 on January 12th. This end of support means that older versions of Internet Explorer will no longer receive security updates or technical support from Microsoft. This makes anyone who uses these browsers more vulnerable to exploits & malware. Microsoft are releasing an “end of life” patch on January 12th which will notify users to upgrade to a more recent browser such as Internet Explorer 11 or Edge, and also deliver the last few bug fixes that will ever be developed for the older versions of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft announced the end of support for IE 8,9 and 10 back in August 2013. In March last year, the company relegated Internet explorer to legacy status, meaning that the browser will be kept around mostly for the sake of enterprise compatibility. Even though the end of support was announced over 2 years ago, it is estimated that several hundred million people are using soon to be obsolete versions of Internet Explorer. Those users will shortly become a security risk, so Microsoft hopes its end of life patch will spur users on to upgrade.

Even more of a worry are those users still using Windows XP. Even though Windows XP support ended nearly 2 years ago, many millions of people of people still use this obsolete operating system which can only run Internet Explorer 8. Those users running versions of Windows from 7 and up will have no problems upgrading as it is downloadable from windows update. Internet Explorer 11 boasts greater compatibility with the latest web standards, faster loading speeds & more privacy and security features over its older predecessors.

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