Data Security & Backups

Data Security & Backups

There’s more and more commentary in the media about the threats to data security. Understandably, you want to know that your business is properly protected. So whether it’s firewalls to manage traffic and secure your network or methods to allow your staff to access data remotely, working with Shirley Computer Services is an excellent investment in terms of ensuring your data security and business continuity. 

Anti-spam and anti-virus protection

No one can afford the time that it takes to sift through spam email. What’s more, it may end up affecting your systems and making them run slowly or stop working properly. We can provide a range of anti-spam solutions to help you keep ahead of the problem. Viruses and malware, meanwhile, could potentially be catastrophic, so it’s vital you’re fully protected.

Network protection and wireless security

Firewalls – or network protection – allow you to control who accesses your system from the outside and also restrict, where required, your own staff’s access to the web. We can advise on the best solution for your business and also ensure that your wireless security prevents any hacking of your WIFI network.

Backing up your data

Losing data because of a fire, flood or other disaster is an absolute worst-case scenario for many businesses. How long would it take you to rebuild a list of business contacts or restore the information you hold about your customers? What would you do if critical files were lost forever? Even if an extreme event seems unlikely now, every business may potentially suffer accidental deletion, corruption of data or a malicious attack.

In some instances, it may be best to backup your data in the Cloud, but in many cases you’ll be looking for more traditional forms of onsite backup. We can formulate a plan that’s appropriate to your company and monitor it over time as part of an IT support agreement to ensure that it’s working effectively.

Ensuring continuity

We’re also specialists in disaster recovery and business continuity, so if the worst does happen you can be back on your feet again, as quickly as possible. We’ll work through possible scenarios – from theft and fire to hardware failure – and come up with a plan of action that’s appropriate to you.

Archiving your email

There’s a good, practical reason for archiving your email. We receive so much of it that mailboxes can quickly become overloaded. It’s also worth considering, however, that you may need to keep email as proof of business transactions, contractual agreements or compliance with regulations. Shirley Computer Services can help you set up and maintain a searchable archive of sent and received emails (including the ones between colleagues in your business). It’s a permanent record that also frees up your mailbox.

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